College, Career and Technical Education Course Catalog 

Business 100 1, 2 (0514, 0515)
The course provides an overview to all aspects of starting and operating a small business. Students obtain hands-on experience in human resources, finances, accounting and marketing. The class includes instruction in economics, business ethics, leadership, management, the role of government in business, and developing a career plan.

Computer Applications in Business 1, 2 (0723, 0724)
This course provides students with skills necessary to succeed in both college and career by introducing them to industry-standard productivity software to solve problems and complete projects. Students completing this course will have the computer skills commonly required for entry-level employment.

Intro to Engineering and Design 1, 2 (3542, 3544)
College Preparatory Course (P). This first-year Project Lead the Way curriculum that serves as basis for the engineering and design-sector career paths. Students are introduced to the history of design and the design process. Students work through units on sketching and visualization, geographic relationships, physical and mathematical modeling, 3-D computer modeling, model analysis, and documentation.

Website Architecture 1, 2 (4467, 4468)
This course offers an opportunity to learn the Web design process that will enable them to create, develop, and maintain Web sites relevant to the real world. Acquire real-world, marketable skills, time-management skills and effective communications skills. 


Business Mgmt. & Ownership 1, 2; 3, 4  (8663, 8664, 8666, 8667)
This course provides entry-level, upgrade, and advanced training in small-business management. Employment possibilities are entrepreneurial in nature. Learning how to research and evaluate markets, locations and products.

Business Environment 1, 2 (8915, 8916) 12th grade only
This course provides entry-level training in the technical and soft skills needed in any of several business services. Students are introduced to career possibilities in professional environments culminating in internship placements such as a customer service representative, administrative assistant, accounting clerk, or cashier. Instruction covers employer/employee rights, business practices, management functions, and job-acquisition skills. Approximately 360 hours are needed to complete this course, with a minimum of 20 hours required for minimal certification. The course is designed to serve as a capstone in the marketing and professional sales career path.

Computerized Graphic Design 1, 2; 3, 4 (8511, 8512, 8513, 8514) Prerequisites: Computer Apps.
This course provides entry-and intermediate-level training in computerized graphic design. Learning basic computer operations, employing page layout, illustration and photo-manipulation software; peripheral use, including scanners and plotters, and file-management integration. Instruction covers typography, design elements, color management, and hand-drawing techniques. The creative and technical process of project management also is taught, with an emphasis on concept-to-completion planning. 180 hours is needed to complete the course.

GIS & Global Technologies 1, 2 (8291, 8292)
This course is intended to act as a capstone course in the Information Support and Services career pathway. It provides a basic understanding of concepts in computer technology literacy, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and career opportunities in these fields. Students in this course will engage in GIS management, troubleshooting and applied operations, GPS data acquisition and mapping, and project management. They will collect and analyze data and information, read graphs and charts, and write reports.

Principles of Engineering 1, 2; 3, 4 (8847, 8846, 8801, 8831) Prerequisites: Introduction to Engineering
This course provides entry-level and upgrade training in the printing and graphics industry. The curriculum is based on the requirements of the Printing Industries of America (PIA) Print ED certification program. Instruction covers safety, graphic design, desktop/electronic publishing, graphic-arts photography, image assembly and plate making, press operations, binding and finishing, screen printing, and job-search skills.

Website Design 1, 2; 3, 4 (8931, 8932, 8933, 8934) Prerequisites: Computer Applications
This course provides students with entry-level training in Web-site management and design, and introduces them to career opportunities specific to the field. Students learn design concepts by developing Web sites, Web animation, and other Web-based products.