Technology Workshops 

1. Google Apps in Collaborative Learning Environments
Google apps are web applications (often called web apps) accessed with a web browser over the Internet. Many Google Apps provide teachers and students communication, productivity and collaboration tools that are free to use with a registered Google Account. 

 2.  Digital Media as Text: Professional Development Series
Today, the terms Digital Literacy, Visual Literacy, Literacy 2.0 and 21st Century Skills are used to articulate the ever expanding range of digital knowledge and skills in our world. Many educators now advocate that such media instruction be equally inclusive with traditional practices of text literacy. From this perspective,
decoding single and mixed media forms is the now text of our times.

3.  Tablet PC Essentials
This multi-modality device is just too cool not to use. What's not to like, it has basically every kinesthetic input needed for both students and teachers to create great things! As a teacher, here are some of the essentials for getting started with a focus for using the stylus pen and getting digital with handwriting, drawing or doodling.