MYP Unit Planner/Lesson Builder Template

Download the Microsoft OneNote template in OneNote Single File Package format - see Instructions to the right


Click here for the public view of the
MYP Unit Planner / Learning Experiences Template online.

Instructions -

  1. Click on  the template_MYP_v9 link to download to your Desktop.

  2. Select the Open with (Microsoft OneNote default) button. Click OK

  3. A dialog box named Unpack Notebook will appear.

  4. Name: Your Unit/Lessons Notebook - ex. English1,2 Unit1 - Click the Create button - (note - the path will by default save the newly named Notebook to your OneNote Notebooks folder)

  5. The package template will unpack and open in OneNote.

  6. Now, back on your computer desktop, the Downloads folder is still open. Drag the template_MYP_v9 package to the desktop.

  7. The Package will open on you desktop. Drag the  folder to the desktop

  8. Finally, in your My Documents folder, open the OneNote Notebooks folder and drag and drop the template_MYP_v9 package into that folder. This file is ready to unpack at anytime to create a new unit/lesson notebook that you will rename with a unique title.